GSR Design Srl stands out in the industrial landscape as a specialized entity offering consultancy and technical assistance for the design of ball valves (both floating and trunnion), as well as gate, globe, and check valves used in offshore and onshore contexts in the Oil & Gas, chemical, and petrochemical sectors. Our approach to design strictly adheres to current international standards, with particular attention to customization based on the specific needs of our clients.

Our solid technical and commercial experience allows us to support clients from the preliminary stages of the project, offering targeted assessments and detailed quotations, the creation of general assembly drawings (GAD), complete design packages (including executive drawings, calculations, assembly lists, and operating manuals), Finite Element Analysis (FEA), and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) studies.

We also specialize in reverse engineering and, through collaboration with selected partner companies, we can guarantee the production of components in very short timeframes, using machining processes or, where possible, the most advanced additive manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing.

The combination of these services, along with our extensive project library, positions GSR Design Srl as your trusted partner for the comprehensive realization of your projects, from conception to completion.


Our range of services encompasses technical design and highly specialized consultancy in the field of industrial valves, including variants such as ball valves, gate valves, globe valves, and control valves.

The driving force behind our offering lies in a robust organizational structure, enriched by the expertise of our skilled collaborators. This enables us to provide comprehensive and integrated support for every stage of the production development process, thus ensuring our customers a tailor-made, high-quality solution.


The Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is an advanced numerical simulation methodology used to evaluate the behavior of complex structures and components by dividing them into smaller elements.
This technique allows for modeling and analyzing the behavior of systems subject to various conditions such as load, temperature, and more. Through the use of sophisticated computational algorithms, Finite Element Analysis enables the prediction of the performance and strength of a product or structure.
Our services encompass a wide range of FEA analysis, extending beyond a simple evaluation of structural strength and component performance. Leveraging the highly specialized expertise of our team and the utilization of the most advanced simulation technologies available in the market, we are committed to providing comprehensive and professional consultancy. Our goal is to optimize the design of products and significantly enhance their reliability.
By employing advanced methodologies and detailed analysis, we can effectively identify and address any critical issues, ensuring durable and high-performance solutions that fully meet our customers’ needs and adhere to the highest quality standards.


Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis is a simulation methodology that utilizes sophisticated computing software to study the behaviour of fluids within complex systems.
As part of our services, we offer specialized support in this discipline, enabling you to understand and optimize fluid flow within your products. With the use of advanced numerical simulation tools, our team of experts can provide comprehensive and tailored consultancy aimed at developing customized solutions to control crucial parameters such as pressure, flow, and noise.
This is why we are committed to offering complete support to meet your specific needs and ensure the utmost efficiency and reliability of your products.


We offer simple and versatile solutions to support our Clients in demonstrating to their Stakeholders the added value of their Products, Services and Companies.
Our services range between Carbon Footprint and LCA analysis, GHG inventory assessment, Sustainability Reporting and compliance with CBAM regulation.


Reverse engineering is a methodical practice involving the detailed analysis of an object or system to understand its internal workings, structure, and behaviour. Through reverse engineering, it’s possible to gain in-depth knowledge about existing products, without necessarily having access to original drawings or design specifications.
This practice enables the acquisition of valuable insights to improve the design, efficiency, and compatibility of existing products, as well as to develop new innovative solutions based on thorough analysis of competitors or benchmark products.
We offer Reverse Engineering services, using cutting-edge technologies to acquire, analyze, and recreate accurate digital models of existing components. This is essential for repair and/or maintenance, allowing for the quick identification and resolution of any issues or defects. We are capable of meeting all market demands by providing custom-made valve spare parts.


Additive Manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, is an innovative technology that revolutionizes the way objects, components, and finished products are produced. Unlike traditional subtractive manufacturing processes, which remove material from a solid block to create a desired shape, Additive Manufacturing builds objects layer by layer, adding material only where needed.
Our services leverage the most innovative 3D printing technologies for the production of components and complex parts made from both polymers and metals. With our expertise and experience in the field, along with the intrinsic greater flexibility and design freedom of this technology, we provide comprehensive support to explore the potential of 3D printing, from design to prototype realization and serial production, ensuring high-quality and precise results.